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  • Esperanto speakers playing a game

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    Games night during the 2017 congress, Brisbane

  • Esperanto class for beginners

    Esperanto - The easiest language to learn

    Esperanto class for beginners

  • Esperanto speakers at a lookout

    Esperanto - The language for everyone

    Excursion, Mt Coot-tha lookout, Brisbane, 2017

  • Esperanto puppet show

    Esperanto - The language for all ages

    Esperanto puppet show, Adelaide winter school 2014

  • At a restaurant, with international guests

    Esperanto - everyone's language

    At the end of the congress banquet, 2017, Brisbane

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What is Esperanto?

Esperanto is a planned language, designed to enable easy communication between people of different languages. Although it is the easiest of all living languages to learn, it is rich and subtle: you can express anything with it. Esperanto does not belong to any country; because it is a second language for everyone, those who use it communicate as equals.

(To understand the people speaking if you’re not an Esperantist, make sure captions are turned on – click the cc button after the video starts.)

Esperanto gives you international contacts immediately. You can skype, tweet, write or email with people of almost any country. There is even a worldwide network of free accommodation for Esperanto speakers in almost 100 countries. This not only saves you money but allows you to visit places that most tourists don’t get to see. Many international meetings that use Esperanto are held throughout the year around the world.

Esperanto also has a large body of international literature, with original and translated works, plus music of different styles and a rich variety of blogs, websites and publications.

More about Esperanto

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