3ZZZ Esperanto radio

After several attempts and a long battle against the government policy of ‘White Australia’, new Australians finally got the right to broadcast in the language of the country they came from.

3ZZZ received its licence for a five year period on 15 August 1988. A contract was signed with the Trades Hall so that the basement could be used for broadcasting and finally the studios were ready on 18 June 1989.

Svetislav Kanacki saw this as an opportunity for Esperanto and succeeded in getting some help to start an Esperanto program.

3ZZZ Esperanto-radio program

Today 3ZZZ broadcasts in more than sixty languages every week and Esperanto is one of them. Every Monday from 1pm to 2pm Melbournians can hear news, interviews and songs in Esperanto on 92.3 FM. A team of five carry on Svetislav’s work while he regularly records and archives the programs from home.

Thanks to the Internet, anyone anywhere in the world can listen to these programs from the website www.3zzz.com.au during the week, and any time, from www.melburno.org.au

3ZZZ is a community radio station. To have the right to broadcast, the group needs to have the support of a community of at least forty paid members at all times.

The contact address is : 3ZZZesperanto@gmail.com.