Esperanto promoted in Maitland, NSW

On Saturday 10 February 2018, several Esperantists (four wearing special green t-shirts) went to the Maitland Riverlights Multicultural Festival.

Eckard Roehrich demonstrated wooden word-blocks, which he made for teaching the language. The team also taught many people at the “Language Lounge”.

When we offered propaganda material, some people said, “I’m good”. Certainly. But I think they would be better if they accepted the booklets. 😄 Some children requested many booklets – very formally.

Lastly, after sunset, little lights were sent down river. A beautiful sight, although not very serious.

– Andrew Spannenberg

From left: Rainer Kurz (Germany), Deshun (China), Eckard Roehrich (Central Coast), Andrew Spannenberg (Newcastle), Alan Turvey (Central Coast). Dmitry Lushnikov (Sydney) also helped at the Esperanto table, but didn’t appear in the photo. Photo courtesy of Richard Hershman, Maitland City Council

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