Beijing Esperantist receives award from the Canberra Esperanto Film Festival

Mr Rainer Kurz gives a certificate and a token prize to Ding Xiaosong, whose short film, titled “Esperanto Muzikigas Vian Vivon”, won the ‘Australian People’s Choice’ award of the Canberra Esperanto Film Festival

On 30 March 2014 was the Beijing Esperanto Film Festival. After a talk about the short-films contest, to commemorate the 125th anniversary of the birth of Esperanto, Rainer Kurz introduced the Canberra Esperanto Film Festival, which took place during the Australian Esperanto Summer School and Congress in January 2014. As the founder and director of the festival, Rainer Kurz specially organised the voting to choose the favourite film of the congress participants, while the film Esperanto Muzikigas Vian Vivon (Esperanto makes your life musical) won the award. The Australian Esperanto Association has given a certificate and a token prize of 50 Australian dollars.

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