Esperanto League of Western Australia

Owing to restrictions on public gatherings related to the COVID-19 virus, some local club meetings may be suspended. Online alternatives may be in place. Please contact the organiser(s) before going to a meeting.

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Meets: Last Sunday of each month, 1.30pm
At: (Metropolitan Perth – please contact)
More info: See below
Postal address: 46 Cobine Way, Greenwood WA 6024
Contact: Shayne Power
Tel: (08) 9343 9532 / 0408 054 319 (John Massam)
Or: 0448 123 684 (Shayne Power)

We are a group of people who share the goal of making international communication possible and enjoyable for everyone.

We are affiliated nationally with the Australian Esperanto Association and internationally with the Universal Esperanto Association, which has its headquarters in Rotterdam.

To work towards our goals of peace and cooperation, we use Esperanto, a neutral, international language which was specifically designed for this purpose. It is easier to learn than most natural languages and can be used to communicate with people in more than 100 countries around the world.

Committee Members

Shayne Power (President, Secretary)
Tel: 0448 123 684

John Massam (Vice-president)
Tel: (08) 9343 9532

Ron Cameron (Treasurer)
Tel: (08) 9381 9338

Trish O’Connor (Member)
Tel: (08) 9307 1964

Local events

The Committee of The Esperanto League of WA Incorporated holds quarterly committee meetings.

Members meet monthly for Konversaciaj Rondoj (conversation circles) and visitors are most welcome to attend. Please contact us for more details or visit our Events page.