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Looking for resources to learn Esperanto? Or for evidence that Esperanto really is a living language? There are more than 100,000 YouTube videos in or about Esperanto.

Here are some of the best:

In Esperanto (subtitled)

Esperanto estas… (Esperanto is…)

Part 2 of a six-part series (To understand the people speaking, if you’re not an Esperantist, make sure captions are turned on – click the CC button.)

Esperanto: The world on the tip of your tongue

Created by a group of Esperantists in Melbourne

In English

The language challenge, by Claude Piron

The stuff of genius – Esperanto: The L.L. Zamenhof story

Esperanto exhibition at the Migration Museum, Adelaide, 2011


Eterne Rima – Samideano

Nia trajno – Jomart kaj Nataŝa