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Where’s Heather?

NOTE: The contest is now closed

You might know “Where’s Wally”. Well… Where’s Heather?

Below is a photo of the participants of the 2019 World Esperanto Congress in Lahti, Finland. One of the many faces is that of Heather Heldzingen, the hard-working treasurer of AEA (and Melbourne Esperanto Association) and a presenter for the 3ZZZ Esperanto program.

Photo of world congress participants, with a grid added
Foto: Jonathan Phileas
Click the picture to see it at full size. (You might then have to click the picture that appears, to zoom in.) You can download it to your computer by right-clicking (or control-clicking if you have a Mac) and choosing “Save Image As…” from the menu that appears.

So, can you find Heather? If you are the first or second and you live in Australia, you will win a free Esperanto book. (Choose from the list below.)

To help you, here is a photo of Heather:
Heather Heldzingen

Note which square Heather’s face is in (e.g. the red building in the distance is in square E15) and email your answer to webmaster@esperanto.org.au.

If yours is the first or second correct email I receive, I will email you to get your mailing address and your preferred book.
Note: Limit of one response per person.

Prize books – choose one

And here is the photo without the grid:
Photo of world congress participants, Lahti, Finland, 2019

Happy hunting!

– Jonathan Cooper, AEA website manager and vice-president

The contest is now closed. The winners are:
1. Nicole Else
2. Tristan McLeay

The solution is: K4.