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The official newsletter of the Australian Esperanto Association – as well as the New Zealand Esperanto Association – is Esperanto sub la Suda Kruco (ESK) (in English: Esperanto under the Southern Cross). It is full of information about current local Esperanto events, latest book reviews, internet tips, jokes, competitions, hints for beginners, and many other useful and interesting features.

Members of AEA receive this fun and informative journal. For information about becoming an AEA member, see our membership page.

Contributions to Esperanto sub la Suda Kruco are always welcome at Please include high quality photographs if possible.

Current issue

Volume 27[1], number 138: March 2020
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Foreword, Terry Manley
Get ready for the congress in Montreal!, David Ryan (Wellington)
There’s always something new, Mark Hamme (Wisconsin, USA)
Helen Keller: light in darkness, Trevor Steele (Adelaide)
Historical German influence in Africa, David Ryan (Wellington)
Some thoughts on George Orwell and Esperanto, Trevor Steele (Adelaide)
The Auckland Congress and Summer School: photos and comments
The Flying Elephant: Japanese balloon-bombs, J. Marc Schmidt
The Great Victorian Bike Ride, Sandor Horvath (Adelaide)


The Australian Esperantist (La Aŭstralia Esperantisto) – second series

(Predecessor to ESK)

La Rondo

(Predecessor to The Australian Esperantist – second series)

La Informilo

(Predecessor to La Rondo)

The Australian Esperantist (La Aŭstralia Esperantisto) – first series

(Predecessor to La Informilo)

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