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AEA Correspondence Courses

Our correspondence courses range from beginner to advanced.

All courses have no time limit, so you can complete them at your own pace. Course fees include administrative charges, cost of materials, postage and personal postal tuition, until the course is completed.

Please note that the standard course fees include Associate Membership of AEA.
Current financial members pay a discounted fee, as listed.

If you are interested in doing the correspondence courses, send a message to kurso@esperanto.org.au. Or enrol NOW.

Our Courses

Level 1: For beginners

Based on Stan Marček’s book Esperanto by Direct Method.

Esperanto is used from the beginning of the course, with clear pictures so that you can understand.

The book also has explanations in English, and word-lists.

The course includes:

  • the Esperanto by Direct Method textbook
  • an accompanying CD with MP3 files
  • lesson notes and exercises

AU $65.00 – includes Associate Membership of AEA
(Current members of AEA: AU $50.00)
Because of word lists within the text book, it is not necessary to buy a dictionary to do this course. Dictionaries are available from the bookshop of Mondeto.

Level 2: Reading and exercises

This course provides enjoyable reading for those who have learnt a little Esperanto:

  • La Krimo de Katrina
  • Detektivu pri la Krimo de Katrina

La Krimo de Katrina by Sten Johansson is a lively story in ten short chapters, starting very simply.

Detektivu pri la krimo de Katrina, by Katalin Kováts, is an entertaining, colourful book of exercises, based on the reading book. For each chapter, there are several exercises to confirm and extend your understanding and use of Esperanto. At the same time, the book helps you know a little more about European history and geography, and encourages some exploration of Esperanto culture.

AU $45.00 – includes Associate Membership of AEA
(Current members of AEA: AU $30.00)

Level 3: Progressive

This course improves confidence and ability, and widens your understanding of Esperanto grammar.
The text book, MC Butler’s book Step by Step in Esperanto, will become a useful reference.

AU $35.00 – includes associate membership of AEA
(Current members of AEA: AU $20.00)

How to enrol

Download the enrolment form (PDF, 54 KB)

If you decide to do a course, you can enrol by sending a completed enrolment form, along with a CHEQUE or MONEY ORDER to:

Correspondence Courses of AEA
c/- Hazel Green
44 Toowoomba Road
Oakey QLD 4401

If you prefer to enrol electronically, please send the information to Hazel at kurso@esperanto.org.au and request the account number to deposit the fee.

If you wish to join the Australian Esperanto Association, you can join online.