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Congress & Summer School 2019

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ADELAIDE : 4 – 13 January 2019

546 Portrush Road Glen Osmond SA 5064
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Tel: +61 (0)8 8303 9000

The first event will be an evening dinner on Friday 4 January.
The last event will be the breakfast of Sunday 13 January.

EKDE TIAM, a new duo from Melbourne, will play energetic alternative music completely in Esperanto.

Szabolcs Szilva is a Hungarian living in Warsaw, Poland. He has taught Esperanto in eight countries. Other levels will be taught by world famous Esperanto author Trevor Steele and experienced teacher Franciska Toubale.

PROGRAM includes:

• Esperanto classes in three levels
• Evening of theatre and music
• Excursions
• Lectures about Esperanto and other topics
• Conversation and laughter
• Annual General Meeting
• Making friends, planning


To Register you have TWO CHOICES:
1. Download the brochure/registration form here:

Cover of congress brochure

Fill in and post with cheque payable to:
Melburno Esperanto AEA A/c

Postal Address:
Australian Esperanto Assoc
C/- GPO Box 2122, Melbourne 3001

2. Fill in the online form below.

Either way, you can pay via Direct bank deposit to Commonwealth Bank BSB: 064433, A/c No.: 00946975

Or, if registering online, you can pay by credit card via PayPal.

Payee details for international registrants only:
Name: The Australian Esperanto Association Ltd
Address: GPO Box 2122, Melbourne, Victoria, 3001, Australia
Account number (IBAN): 06443300946975
Payee’s bank SWIFT-BIC code: CTBAAU2S
Payee’s bank/country/city: Commonwealth Bank of Australia/Australia/Toowoomba
Payee’s bank’s correspondent bank: Commonwealth Bank of Australia


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(** Note: Accommodation includes room and 3 meals per day.)

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Please RSVP as soon as possible

Heather +61 (0)3 9525 4295

Please check this page for updates of events.

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