Lecture series via Zoom

The heads of a man and a woman

Trevor Steele and Anna Löwenstein (16 August)

The 3rd Sunday of each month
4–6pm Sydney time (UTC+10)


(All lectures in Esperanto)

16 August 2020

Historic pandemics and their aftermathTrevor Steele (Australia)
Kenwood House: an historic mansion in north London: The house, the family that lived there, and some of the very important works of art contained therein – Anna Löwenstein (UK)

19 July 2020

Monato – 40 years: the history of the world-famous Esperanto magazine
– Paŭl Peeraerts (Belgium), chief editor of Monato
The main sociological reasons for and effects of COVID-19, and how Hungary has succeeded in dealing with the epidemic
– Dr Márkus Gábor (Hungary), economist and author

Future topics and speakers are to be announced:

Future dates
20 September 2020 (Carlo Minnaja)
18 October 2020
15 November 2020
20 December 2020

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